I had not seen this before today but had a good laugh when I did. NetSuite V GP video

Firstly I thought is was funny because having spent plenty of time in North Dakota I swear I met that guy! The second thing that is funny is that to carry off an add like this you need some serious credibility which I do not yet believe NetSuite has attained.

Omitted from the add is anything factual about Netsuite? Any company that takes to marketing on perceived negatives of their competitor is losing the battle. It is just like politics, do you complain about the opposition or do you actually have plans and policies that are better and worth talking about. Being in the cloud can be important but only if you receive the same powerful functionality with which to run your business. There is no point in having a cloud based solution that provides inferior function. A well implemented ERP is used to manage a business day in and day out. There is no upside to leaping onto a cloud if it will not support the weight of your business.

The idea of access to your business system form anywhere, mobility of data entry and data retrieval and the integration between systems is very important – but not something that makes ‘NetSuite’ or any other cloud solution better.

1. I use GP across two locations in the USA and 3 distinct location in Australia. It works great. Microsoft are building a Web based interface which we will adopt in 2012 which will be nice – but having a web interface will certainly not change my world. In fact even with a web interface I suspect more often than not I will continue to terminal serve into my GP application.

2. I get access to my data primarily via Excel now which is real time. I have a series of email alerts that contain my reports all of which I can read and access on my mobile device.

3. I push data into my GP system from two CRM’s sales Logix and Microsoft CRM. My website integrates directly with GP many times each day and royalty reports form Microsoft are imported directly into GP. There is no easier system with which to integrate.

GP has way more customers and way more experience. GP has an awesome partner channel and well established customers. GP has significantly more functionality, is totally customisable (with eXtender)and is the best integration platform. GP will soon have a web based user interface for those few companies that see this as important (I don’t). Go can be hosted offsite to reduce in house maintenance and yet give you all the scale required without limitations.

If I was picking a system on which to run my business, it would be GP every time. In fact, I did pick a system and use GP every day and it works brilliantly. In fact I would choose a straight up, straight talking, friendly North Dakota local over a smart talking, remote, floating in the cloud schmoozer with nothing positive to say -Any day.