This week we introduce to you, Sarah Elliott, our Financial Controller. Working diligently behind the scenes, Sarah manages all things accounting, finance, hr, and the like. With her MBA, CPA, and years of experience in business operations management and financial compliance, Sarah knows how to keep us in line. I sat down with Sarah and asked her a few questions. Meet Sarah, I think you are going to like her. 🙂

Do you have any nicknames people should know about?
I am still called Sarie by close family members.

When did you start and what do you do at eOne?
I started on Monday, 8/10.  I am the Controller and process all payments, assist customers with payment inquiries and produce financial statements that help company owners make operating decisions.

What is something really awesome that you’ve done lately at eOne? 
I recently reworked our chart of accounts to provide more detailed financial reporting to company owners and am working to implement an expense reporting solution that will integrate with GP.  I am hoping that some of the ideas that I help implement inside eOne will eventually impact products that we offer to our customers!

What are you passionate about outside of work?
I love home improvement and remodeling.  I am also very family-oriented and am lucky to have my and my husband’s family live locally. We enjoy lots of coffee and time with both families.  My cats and other family member’s dogs are a great way that we all connect.

What’s on your bucket list?
I would love to go on a missionary trip with World Vets to provide veterinary care to animals in a foreign country.  In addition, I recently started learning Spanish and am hoping to become bilingual.

Any eOne memories that first come to mind?
Well, I have been “Hoffed”, hit in the head multiple times with ping pong balls, had lots of co-worker lunches, taken a field trip to Sonic (only to run into more eOne employees!) and learned the definition of the word “swole”.  Who could ask for a better time at work?

What’s playing in your headphones?
My tastes are pretty eclectic.  Some of the artists I have download recently are Darius Rucker, Bruno Mars, The Hollies and Better Than Ezra  but I probably most favor club and dance music.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Sarah– feel free reach out to her at