What is SmartPost

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SmartPost 2013

What is SmartPost

SmartPost is the tool for everyone that is tired of hitting the post button. It is the set and forget tool that will look after your Microsoft Dynamics GP posting for you. You decide which batches you want automatically posted, define the rules for your team and SmartPost does the rest. Whether you are importing records after hours that you need posted, or you have 30 people entering batches and people forget to post them, SmartPost will automate that job.



How it Works

First you need to set up a posting user and leave them logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP all the time. This can be on a server or on a machine sitting in the corner dedicated to your posting robot. This is a bit of a pain, we know, but it is much better than posting yourself. The robot then watches your defined schedule and when required grabs all the batches you asked it to find and posts them. The robot follows all the posting rules of Microsoft Dynamics GP and will post To or Through as well as ensure approvals and check that the digits are correct. The robot will then generate posting reports (if you asked for them) and email them to you.



Batches it will Post


General Entry

Clearing Entry

Budget Transactions


Sales Transaction Entry

Invoice Entry

Cash Receipts Entry

Transaction Entry


Manual Payment

Payables Transaction Entry

Receivings Transaction Entry

Purchasing Invoice Entry

Returns Transactions Entry


Transaction Entry

Transfer Entry

Assembly Entry



SmartPost Features




Multi Company

SmartPost will post across all of your Microsoft Dynamics GP companies. Whether you have one

company or one hundred – SmartPost will log into each one and do your posting for you.

After Hours

Post while your team is asleep and never slow them down again.

After Import

If you use SmartConnect or Integration Manager to import data – set SmartPost to post all those records

when the import is complete.


Schedule posting to be instant, every 30 minutes, hourly, daily or monthly.


Define which batches from which series should be posted.