SmartPost Options

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SmartPost 2013

SmartPost Options

To setup the SmartPost Options:

1.Open the SmartPost setup window. Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP interface go to Microsoft Dynamics GP - Tools - SmartPost - Setup.



2.To enable emails within SmartPost enter a SMTP server (This could be a SMTP Url or the exchange server).
3.Enter the Username, Password, and Domain for the user that will be used to e-mail the reports.
4.Service Email Address : The user that all emails in the system will be sent as.
5.Admin Email Address : This is the user that will receive emails if there are anything that went wrong while posting or trying to post a batch.
6.Report File Path : The path where all batch reports will be created.
7.Set the Analytical Accounting Max Report Time.  This is used as a timeout for the reports if they don't generate in the time given, it will quit trying.
8.Do not delete batch reports:  Select this flag if you want to keep the batch reports after they have been emailed to the specified user.