Posting Routines

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SmartPost 2013

Posting Routines

To setup the Posting Routine:

1.Open the Posting Routines window by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP - Tools - Setup - SmartPost - Posting Routine.



2.Enter a Routine name.
3.Select the Batch Series and Source for this routine.
4.Select a search type on the batch number.
5.Enter the what the search type should look for. (For example if i selected "Begins With" and enter "AA" in the Batch Number field, the routine will find all batches that begin with "AA")



6.Enter the email address of the person that will receive the reports when this posting routines posts a batch.
7.Set the Schedule.  For more information, see the Scheduling section.
8.The active flag specifies whether the Routine is active or not.
9.Click the Companies button and select all the companies that the routine must find batches and post.



10.Click OK to close the Companies window.
11.Click the Save button to save the routine.