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SmartPost 2013


The SmartPost installation will need to be run on the server/workstation where GP is installed and the automated posting process is to run.


To install SmartPost:

1.Run the SmartPost installer by executing the SmartPost GP2013.exe file.
2.On the SmartPost installation screen enter the following:
a.Verify the path to the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation directory.  If needed, correct the path.
b.Enter in the name of the SQL Server where the Microsoft Dynamics GP databases reside.
c.Enter in the name of the Dynamics system Database.
d.Enter in a SQL Login information for a login that has enough permissions to create SQL objects.  We recommend 'sa'.
e.Enter in a password for the installation to set on the SmartPost SQL login it will create.
f.Mark the checkbox to agree to the License terms and conditions.
g.Click Install.



3.If prompted, click Yes to allow the SmartPost installation to make changes to the computer.



4.The installation will process for a few seconds.
5.When the installation is done, click Finish.