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SmartConnect 2018

WS Return Types

If a web service method used in a destination returns data, that data can then be used as a data source on another SmartConnect map.


to use data returned from a web service as a data source:

1.Set up a web service destination.
2.Select the Handle return button.
3.Select the columns in the return values window that should be included in the data source.
4.Select Save.


Note: to see all maps that use this method as a data source the Linked Maps button may be selected.




5.Create a new map within SmartConnect.
6.Enter the new map id and description.
7.Select Bulk Data Sources as the data source type.
8.Select Web Service Destination Results as the data source.
9.Select the name of the destination service defined in step 1.
10.Determine if the map should be run if the web service method was successful, failed or both.
11.To preview the columns that would be returned by this data source select the Preview button.
12.To validate the data source select the Validate button.