Duplicate Entity Labels

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SmartConnect 2017

Duplicate Entity Labels

In order to facilitate instances where multiple entities within Salesforce have the same entity label a SalesForceEntityDuplicate table has been created within the SmartConnect database. This table lists the entity API name (which must be unique) and a new SmartConnect name for the entity. If there are entities with duplicate descriptions that have not been included in the standard SmartConnect list new entries may be added to this table. After SmartConnect has been restarted the entities will appear with the new description.


Standard duplicate names managed by SmartConnect are:

AccountContactRole                renamed Contact Role (Account)
CaseContactRole                        renamed Contact Role (Case)
ContentDocument                        renamed Content (Document)
ContentVersion                        renamed Content (Version)
ContractContactRole                renamed Contact Role (Contracts)
OpportunityContactRole                renamed Contact Role (Opportunity)