Web Service Parameters

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SmartConnect 2017

Web Service Parameters

Runtime parameters may be passed to web service data sources in order to customize the data that is returned by the service.


When a web service data source is selected in the map setup window the parameters that may be passed to that service are displayed on the map setup window. Settings for the service parameters may then be added to the setup window.

Parameter Properties


If the parameter is a base system type (e.g. string, date, boolean) the user will be able to enter a value against the parameter.
If the parameter is a class a lookup beside the parameter box will enable the user to open the parameter properties view and enter the details for that class.
If the parameter is an array or list it will be displayed in the parameter window with SmartConnect_WS_Parameter_List after the name. Below will be a single instance of the class or type applicable for that list or array. Selecting the SmartConnect_WS_Plus button beside the array type will add another array or list item to the parameter list. Selecting the SmartConnect_WS_Minus button beside a specific list or array item will remove that item from the list.
If the parameter type is a derived type, or may be more than one type the user can select which type is required. The fields for the selected type will then be displayed.
All parameters where users can add parameters or change parameter types are displayed in blue. SmartConnect_WS_Parameter_Blue
If a parameter is a circular reference back to an object that is higher in the list it will be shown in red. SmartConnect does not allow circular references in web service parameters. SmartConnect_WS_Parameter_Red
Global variables may be selected to provide a value to the web service at runtime. If the parameter is required for the web service to return data, a default value should be added to the global variable at either the system or map level.