Web Service Destination Setup

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SmartConnect 2017

Web Service Destination Setup

Each web service to be used as a destination within SmartConnect must be set up within Service Maintenance on the Maintenance tab of the main SmartConnect window.


To set up a web service:

1.Select the Destination Setup option from the Maintenance tab.
2.Enter a name for the web service node.
3.Enter the web service url and select the refresh button. The web service WSDL will then be parsed to determine the available methods for the web service.
4.If WSDL parsing returns errors, the ignore WSDL errors may be selected to continue processing.
5.A list of available methods will be displayed in the Available Lines grid.
6.Methods may be expanded to show the classes / sub methods available.
7.Double click a method to add the method to the lines available for SmartConnect. Each line selected in the Lines grid will be made available as a line to map to within SmartConnect.
Web Service Destination Setup


8.Double click a line in the right grid to display a list of properties for the line.
9.Double click on the properties to be entered against the selected line.
10.Select OK to save the property changes for the line.
11.Once setup has been completed for all selected lines, select Save to record changes to the web service setup.