Update Tenants

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SmartConnect 2017

Update Tenants

The SmartConnect tenant maintenance window allows users to maintain data source or destination tenants for multiple maps at the same time. This is useful when changing from test to live servers, or when commissioning a new server.


The update tenant function supports updates for the following source and destination types.


Data sources:

Extender Bulk Data Source
Extender Real-time Data Source
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Change Data Source
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Real-time Data Source
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Query Data Source
Microsoft Dynamics GP Query
MSSQL Real-time Data Source



Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM File
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Bulk
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP File
Microsoft Dynamics GP Message Queue
Microsoft MSSQL Stored Procedure
Microsoft MSSQL Table


To maintain map tenants:

1.Open the Admin tab (enter the administrator password)
2.Select the Maintain Tenants option.
3.Select the required tenant type, data source or destination.
4.Select the required destination or data source type. A list of all maps fitting the selected criteria will now be displayed.
5. If all maps, or more than one map, is to be amended, select the maps where the change is required, check the amend selected checkbox. Then select the ellipsis button on one of the required maps.
6.Select the required tenant(s) for the selected map(s) then select OK
7.Select Save to write your changes back to the selected maps.
8.If only one map is to be amended, select the ellipsis button next to the require map tenant, and select the tenant(s) as required. Select Save to record your changes.
9.The define and add tenant functionality may also be used where available.

Tenant Maintenance


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