System Global Variables

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SmartConnect 2017

System Global Variables

Global variables may be used within SmartConnect scripts and tasks to allow settings and selections to be changed according to runtime conditions.


The following system global variables are available for use within SmartConnect. These global variables may be included in scripts, however are only updated through SmartConnect processing. Scripts that update these variables will be ignored at runtime.

GlobalCompanyID - the tenant ID to which the map is currently sending data.
GlobalErrorCount - a count of documents that have failed during the map run.
GobalLastError - the last error message recorded by the map run.
GlobalMapDescription - the map description as entered in the map setup screen
GlobalMapID - the map ID as entered in the map setup screen.
GlobalProcessCount - the total number of documents to be processed during this map run.
GlobalRollingColumn - the current value of the rolling column set as 'use for global variable' in map setup.  This is only available at the document level task, not the map level tasks.
GlobalRunDate - the date of the run.
GlobalRunEnded - the date / time the run ended.
GlobalRunErrors - a list of all errors encountered during the map run.
GlobalRunNumber - the current run number for the selected map.
GlobalRunStarted - the date / time the map run started.
GlobalSuccessCount - a count of the successful documents for this run.
GlobalUserID - the user ID of the current windows user.


Note: all SmartConnect global variables are of type System.String