Selecting a Template

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SmartConnect 2017

Selecting a Template

Templates may be created within SmartConnect to form the base for defining common functions.


To select a template:

1.To select a template select the Load Template button on the Sql Command Task, Send Email Task or any of the scripting windows.
2.A list of valid templates for the current task / script window will be shown. Double click on the required template to start the template load.



3.The selected template will be checked for links to template variables. If template variables are found then a selection screen is displayed to the user that allows the selection / entry of values for the template variable.
4.Enter / select a value for each variable displayed.
If a constant is required the user will be able to enter free text.
If a global variable is required the user will be able to select a global variable from a drop-down list of variables.
If a source field is required the user will be able to select from a drop-down list of fields.



5.Selecting OK once all template variable values have been defined will result in the template variables being replaced with the selected information, then populated to the relevant task / script screen. Selecting OK before all template variables have been defined with prompt the user to define all template variables before continuing.