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SmartConnect 2017


SmartConnect uses AD Users as the basis for its security. The identity of the currently logged in user determine the system access allowed. SmartConnect is divided into two main groups, SmartConnect security and Connector security. SmartConnect security determines which menu options users can and cant see, and which processes a user may use. Connector security determines how a user connects to data sources / destinations within a connector, and defines which nodes etc a user may access.


The window is divided into the following tabs.



SmartConnect administrators:

Any users defined as a SmartConnect administrator (by checking the Admin checkbox next to their name) are automatically assigned permissions to all SmartConnect functionality and connectors.
There must be at least one SmartConnect administrator. Deletion of an administrator will not be allowed until a new administrator has been created.
The first user to log into a new SmartConnect installation will be created as a SmartConnect administrator.


To make a SmartConnect user an administrator:

Select the required user on the User tab.
Select the checkbox beside the user to make the user an administrator.


To remove administrator privileges from a user:

Select the required user on the User tab.
De-select the checkbox beside the user to remove administrator privileges. Note: you can only remove administrator privileges if there is another administrator defined within SmartConnect.