Schema Files

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SmartConnect 2017

Schema Files

A schema file can be used with a text file data source to define column names and types.


To configure schema file settings:

1.Open the schema configuration window by selecting the Create Schema File button on the text file data source window.
2.If the text file contains column headers in the first line of the file check the has column headers checkbox.
3.Select the required file format.
4.Select the character set (standard is OEM)
5.The columns will then be displayed in the grid below.
6.If column names are not in the data, or changes to column names are required the column names may be changed in the grid.
7.If an incorrect data type or size is showing for a column, select the correct data type or enter the correct size.
8.Select OK to close the window. Whenever data is retrieved from the data source the schema file will be removed from the source directory and re-created with the entered settings.


Schema Configuration



When using the text file data source, all data loads are made via the ODBC text driver. The driver will make a best guess attempt at reading the text file, however if the ODBC driver returns invalid columns or data a schema.ini file should be created and placed in the directory from which the text file will be loaded.
A sample schema.ini file is as follows:

data.txt file:

AARONFIT0001 Aaron Fitz Electrical                        Bob Fitz                          One Microsoft Way        
ADAMPARK0001 Adam Park Resort                              Roberta Masouras                  Suite 98756
ADVANCED0001 Advanced Paper Co.                            Manoj Monat                      545 19th Street South
ADVANCED0002 Advanced Tech Satellite System        Grant Lasko                      8765 66th Ave
ALTONMAN0001 Alton Manufacturing                          Jennifer Rossini                  P.O.Box 3343
AMERICAN0001 American Science Museum              Andrew MacWilliams        789 North Carlton Place
AMERICAN0002 American Electrical Contractor        Sue Almassy-Wicker                3456 North Calumet Avenue
ASSOCIAT0001Associated Insurance Company          Dimitry Rodin                    321 Garden Mall
ASTORSUI0001 Astor Suites                                  Business Office                  987 West Alaska Ave
ATMORERE0001 Atmore Retirement Center              Jane Donato                      567 W 7th St


schema.ini file:

[data.txt]                                the name of the text file.
ColNameHeader=False                valid options - true if there are column headers else false
Format=FixedLength                        valid options - TabDelimited, Delimited(delimiter character), CSVDelimited
MaxScanRows=0                        how many rows should be scanned when determining column types. 0 = all rows
CharacterSet=OEM                        valid options - ANSI, OEM, ORM
Col1="CUSTNMBR" char width 13        

Col2="CUSTNAME" char width 31

Col3="CONTACT" char width 19

Col4="ADDRESS" char width 30


See for more information on schema.ini files