Salesforce Real Time Data Source Service

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SmartConnect 2017

Salesforce Real Time Data Source Service

The SmartConnect WCF REST service is required if real time data sources are to be run from Salesforce through SmartConnect. Real-time data source processing from Salesforce is as follows:

Save is called in the initiating entity within Salesforce, either for a record insert or update.
The id(s) of the record(s) created or updated are passed to the eOne_SC_RTDS class for processing.
The real time data source id, data source query and entity real time settings are retrieved from the eOne_RTDS_Master table.
The data source query is parsed and the id(s) from the trigger are placed into the query.
The data source query is run against Salesforce and the results serialized to xml.
The service url, user domain, username and password are read from the eOne_RTDS_Settings table.
A web request is then created, the user information and query xml attached and sent to the SmartConnect WCF REST service for processing.


Real time data source service security considerations:

As the SmartConnect Salesforce service must be visible to the web in order for Salesforce to access it, security is an import consideration when enabling this functionality.

The Salesforce web service password should be changed regularly. Changing the password in SmartConnect will update the change to the appropriate classes in Salesforce.
The user accessing SmartConnect via the web service should be limited to Salesforce real time data source maps.
The calling IP address may be limited through service security.