Salesforce eOne_SC_RTDS

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SmartConnect 2017

Salesforce eOne_SC_RTDS

The following class is created when a Salesforce real time data source is registered inside SmartConnect. It is used to process the inserts and updates triggered by Salesforce real time data source triggers.


public class eOne_SC_RTDS


    // all callouts will be made asyncronously

   @future (callout=true)

   public static void Process(string entity, string action, set<ID> ids)


       // retrieve the master record associated with the entity passed in

       eOne_RTDS_Master__c recd = [select Name,SourceId__c,Query__c,IsCreate__c,IsUpdate__c,IsDelete__c from eOne_RTDS_Master__c where Name = :entity LIMIT 1];

       // if there is no master record linked to the entity stop processing

       if(recd == null) return;

       // if the entity is not registered for the triggering process stop processing

       if(recd.IsCreate__c == false && action == 'create') return;

       if(recd.IsUpdate__c == false && action == 'update') return;

       if(recd.IsDelete__c == false && action == 'delete') return;

       // create a variable to receive the parsed data source query

       string queryReplace = '';

       string query = recd.Query__c;

       // cater for more than one record update / insert triggering the data source

       for(ID id : ids)


           if(queryReplace.length() == 0)

               queryReplace += String.valueOf(id);


               queryReplace += '\',\'' + String.valueOf(id);


       // replace the empty id in the query with the id(s) from the trigger

       query = query.replace('000000000000000000',queryReplace);

       // run the query against Salesforce

       List<sObject> results = Database.query(query);

       // check the record(s) returned by the query. If no records stop processing

       if(results.size() == 0) return;

       // serialize the query results using the default Salesforce JSON serializer

       String xml = JSON.serialize(results);

       // read the real time data source settings to determine how to connect to the SmartConnect WCF REST service

       eOne_RTDS_Settings__c settings = [select Name,Url__c,Domain__c,Username__c,Password__c from eOne_RTDS_Settings__c where Name = '0'];

       // if a settings record is not found stop processing

       if(settings == null) return;

       // create a new HttpRequest

       HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();

       // set the endpoint. method and timeout for the request

       req.setEndpoint(settings.Url__c + '/sf/' + recd.SourceId__c + '/' + action);



       // create and attach the user credentials read from the settings table

       string username = settings.Domain__c;

       if(username.length() != 0) username += '\\\\';

       username += settings.Username__c + ':' + settings.Password__c;

       Blob headerValue = Blob.valueOf(username);

       String authorizationHeader = 'Basic ' + EncodingUtil.base64Encode(headerValue);

       req.setHeader('Authorization', authorizationHeader);

       // place the query xml into the body of the web request


       // send the web request

       Http http = new Http();

       HttpResponse res = http.send(req);




Note: Comments and code indenting are not included in the object created in Salesforce