MSSQL Table Real-Time Data Source

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SmartConnect 2017

MSSQL Table Real-Time Data Source

A MSSQL real-time data source will create a trigger against a MSSQL table that will call the SmartConnect WCF REST service.  This requires SQL Server version 2012 or higher.


To create an MSSQL real time data source:

1.Select Real Time Data Sources from the Map tab.
2.Select MSSQL Table Real-Time Data Source from the drop down list.
3.Select Create to add a new data source.
4.Either select the pre-defined connection, or enter the connection details as required.
5.Select the database / table as required.
6.If only changes to specific fields should trigger the real time data source, select the Restrict Columns button and select the columns that should trigger the data source.
7.To amend the query that should be used when the data source is triggered select the Define button and enter the required query into Query Builder.
8.Select Save to record the data source.


Real Time Data Source MSSQL


Real Time Data Source Fields


To add a MSSQL table real time data source to a map:

1.Select create or select the Maps Quick Link and double click on the map to be edited.
2.If a new map enter the map id and description.
3.Select the Data Source button on the map toolbar.
4.Select Real Time Event as the data source type.
5.Select MSSQL Real-Time Data Source as the Data Source.
6.Use the lookup to select the required real time data source. Note: the real time data must already have been created using the steps above.
7.To preview the columns that would be returned by this data source select the Preview button.
8.To validate the query select the Validate button.


Real Time MSSQL Data Source in Map