Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Financials Destination

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SmartConnect 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Financials Destination

To add a Dynamics NAV/365 Financials destination to a map:

1.Select Create on the Map tab or double click on the map to be edited
2.Enter the map id and description of creating a new map
3.Select Dynamics NAV/365 Financials as destination.
4.Select the Dynamics NAV/365 Financials web service that you would like to integrate into.
5.By default the company that this integration will run into is pulled from the connector setup
a.To change this click on the companies button and select a different or multiple companies for this integration to run into
6.Double click the action required on the available lines for this service.
7.In the line mapping window map the columns from the data source to the columns in the destination
8.Click ok the save the mappings
9.Click Save on the map setup window to save the map