Map Activity

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SmartConnect 2017

Map Activity

In order to maintain the data integrity of each map, maps are locked whilst being edited or run. This stops users from running a map that is currently being edited, as well as stopping two users from editing the same map at the same time.


To view map activity:

1.Open Map >> Activity.
2.The window contains a list of all maps that are currently locked, as well as the user that has it locked.
3.Selecting refresh will query the SmartConnect database and update the locked map list.
4.If for some reason a map remains locked, and the locking user is no longer editing or running the map, maps may be manually unlocked by selecting the map to be unlocked, then selecting the Delete_Node button.
5.Select OK to close the window.

SmartConnect Activity



Lock type may be set to:
oMap Setup - the specified user has the map open in the map setup window.
oMap Run - the map is currently being run by the specified user.
oService - the windows or web service is currently running this map.