Log Import / Export

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SmartConnect 2017

Log Import / Export

To facilitate remote debugging, maps may be exported and imported into another system. (e.g. sent to a support partner for analysis)


To export a debug log:

1.Open the map log to be exported.
2.Select the export button.
3.Enter / select the export path and select open. The log will then be exported to the selected path.
4.When the export has completed a completion message will display. Select OK to close the message.


To import a debug log:

1.Open the map log window.
2.Select the import button.
3.Use the lookup to select the log file to be imported, then click open, the log file will be imported.
4.The imported log will then display in the log import window.

Note: logs that have been imported can be accessed through the Tools >> SmartConnect >> View Logs menu option in the Dynamics GP client, or Maps >> View Logs in the external client. For an imported map the map description may not display as there may not be a map of that name in the system to which the log was imported.