Global Constant Column

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SmartConnect 2017

Global Constant Column

A global constant column is used to map static values across multiple maps.


To define a global constant column:

1.Select Global Constants from the Maintenance tab.
2.Enter the name for the new constant.
3.Enter a value for the new constant.
4.Select Add to save the constant.
5.Click Save to save the new global constant.


Global Contast Setup


To remove a global constant:

1.Select global constants from the Maintenance menu.
2.Select the global constant to be removed from the grid.
3.Select the Delete button. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Note: you cannot delete a global constant column that is currently in use on a map.
4.Click Save to delete the global constant.


To select a global constant on a map:

Open the map lines where the global constant is to be mapped.
In the destination grid select Global Constant as the column type, then select the required global constant in the column name column. Note: a global variable must be set up before it can be selected in the column list.


Global Constant Column