Extender Real-Time Data Source

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SmartConnect 2017

Extender Real-Time Data Source

An Extender real time data source may be used push data from Extender through SmartConnect every time an entity is updated (create or edit) within Extender.



To create an Extender real time data source:

1.Open Map >> Real Time Data Sources, or select the Real Time Data Sources Quick Link.
2.Select Extender Real Time Data Source as the real time data source type.
3.Double click the data source to be edited or select the Add button on the toolbar to create a new data source.
4.Select the Dynamics GP company that holds the Extender object.
5.Select the Extender Type (Form, Detail Form, Window and Detail Window)
6.Select the Extender object required.
7.If more than just the base selected table is required for the SmartConnect integration, select the Define button at the bottom of the window to access Query Builder and define the required query.
8.Select Save to save the data source.

Extender Real-Time Data Source Setup



To add an Extender real time data source to a map:

1.Select create or select the Maps Quick Link and double click on the map to be edited.
2.If a new map enter the map id and description.
3.Select the Data Source button on the map toolbar.
4.Select Real Time Event as the data source type.
5.Select Extender Real Time Data Source as the Data Source.
6.Use the lookup to select the required real time data source. Note: the real time data must already have been created using the steps above.
7.To preview the columns that would be returned by this data source select the Preview button on the toolbar.
8.To validate the query select the Validate button on the toolbar.
9.Select OK to save the data source.




To register an Extender real time data source:

1.Open the SmartConnect map setup window. Double click on the map to be edited.
2.If not already selected select the map to be registered.
3.Select the Register button on the map toolbar to open the Real Time Map List window. All maps linked the real time data source used in this map will be displayed.
4.Select the map(s) and event(s) that should trigger this real time data source.
5.If more than one map is linked to this real time data source, and the order the maps are required to run is important, select the Map Sequence button on the toolbar. This will open the Real Time Registration window and allow the order of maps to be specified. Specify the required map order and select OK to close the window. Note: maps must be selected in the real time map list window before they will appear in the real time registration window.
6.Select Process to update your changes. This will save your changes in SmartConnect and make the required changes to GP / Extender. Note: If users are logged into GP they will need to log out and in again before these settings will take effect.

Real Time Data Source Registration