Excel Add-In Service Settings

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SmartConnect 2017

Excel Add-In Service Settings

The SmartConnect Excel Add-In for Excel  uses the SmartConnect WCF REST service to connect Excel and SmartConnect. The service requires both a valid URL and user credentials in order to connect properly. The service settings window allows connection details to be set up and maintained.


Service Setting


The SmartConnect service URL will default to the URL entered during the excel add-in setup. If no URL was entered during setup http://<servername>/SmartConnect.svc will be displayed. Ensure that the correct URL for the SmartConnect WCF REST service is entered, on validation the system will remember the URL setting.
The username should be set to the username of the user sending data from Excel to SmartConnect.
The password should be set to the password of the user sending the data from Excel to SmartConnect. The user password is encrypted within Excel and is only used to connect to the SmartConnect WCF REST service.
Select validate to attempt to connect to the service using the credentials provided. The user will receive a message containing the status of the validation request.
Select OK to close the window.