Excel Add-In Get Data

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SmartConnect 2017

Excel Add-In Get Data

The get data option within the SmartConnect Excel Add-In for Excel  allows users to select a map from SmartConnect, run the data source portion of the map, and return the data to an Excel sheet.


Get Data


Selecting the lookup button for the map id will display a list of valid SmartConnect maps available to the current user. Valid maps for the lookup are all maps that the user has access to in SmartConnect, as well as any maps that have allow any user to run this map selected.
Selecting the map will run the data source section of the map and return the data to the grid.
Users may then filter the returned data using the filter options within the grid.
Users can opt to return the data to a new worksheet, or select the worksheet to receive the returned data.
Select OK to return the data to the required worksheet.