Excel Add-In Configuration

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SmartConnect 2017

Excel Add-In Configuration

Settings required for sending data from Excel back to SmartConnect may be set up and maintained in the configuration window.




Map Id - Use the lookup to select the required map to run. Valid maps for the lookup are all maps that the user has access to in SmartConnect, as well as any maps that have allow any user to run this map selected.
Data Source Type - Select the data source type required for the map.
oSelecting the worksheet radio button will display a list of worksheets in the drop-down list below, select the required worksheet. Note: The first row of data in the worksheet must contain the column names to be sent to SmartConnect.
oSelecting the named range radio button will display a list of named ranges in the drop-down list below, select the required named range. Note: the first row of data in the named range must contain the columns names to be sent to SmartConnect. If non-continuous ranges are used only the first range in the sequence must have column headers, the headings will be inferred for other ranges. Non-continuous ranges that go across multiple worksheets are not supported.
Key Fields - Once a map has been selected, the key fields for the map will be displayed. These are the fields that are used to group the data for map processing and must be present in the source data. To add extra required field select the lookup beside the key fields text box and select the extra fields.
Xml Output File - To check the xml that will be sent to SmartConnect, enter an Xml filename here. During the map run, the data sent to SmartConnect will also be written to the selected file.
Error Handling - To view errors during map processing in a Process Errors type view inside Excel, select the process errors radio option. To highlight the line that caused the error select the Highlight Line option.
Infer Schema - Data sent to SmartConnect from Excel is send as an Xml data table. The Xml data table schema automatically drops columns from the schema that do not contain values. To ensure that all map columns (including blank columns) are processed by SmartConnect check the infer schema checkbox.