Excel Add-In

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SmartConnect 2017

Excel Add-In

The SmartConnect Excel Add-In allows SmartConnect maps to be called from within Excel, with Excel data passed to the map.


The SmartConnect Excel Add-In for Excel adds functionality to the previous Excel Add-Ins. It requires the installation of the SmartConnect WCF REST service.


Once the Excel Add-in has been installed the following options are available from the eOne Solutions tab within Excel:



Service settings enables users to maintain the connection and credentials for the SmartConnect WCF service.
Get data allows users to return the data source associated with a SmartConnect map into Excel.
Configuration enables users to set up and maintain the configuration details for sending data from Excel back to SmartConnect
The validate option checks that required information is present before attempting to pass data back to SmartConnect
Run map will create a data table from within Excel, pass the data to the SmartConnect WCF REST service and run the configured map.
Get columns returns a list columns required by the specified map.
Online help takes users to the SmartConnect help on the eOne solutions website.