Data Sources

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SmartConnect 2017

Data Sources

SmartConnect can draw data from a number of different sources.


The data sources used by SmartConnect can be divided into three base groups:

Bulk Data Load - loading data from a source that contains a quantity of data.
Changes Only - loads only the changes in the data since the last integration run.
Real-Time Event - user action triggers an integration using the data that has been added, edited or deleted.



The Dynamics GP data source information has been divided into the following topics:


SmartConnect Data Sources

Bulk Data Load

Extender Bulk Data Source
Folder Data Source
InfoPath XSD
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Query
Microsoft Dynamics GP Query
Microsoft Dynamics GP Service
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Excel 2003
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Excel 2013
Microsoft Excel 2016
Multi Data Source
ODBC Data Source
OLEDB Data Source
Salesforce Query
SmartList Data Source
Text file
Web Service Query
Xero Query
XML Query


Changes Only

Extender Change Data Source
Microsoft CRM Change Data Source
Microsoft Dynamics GP Change Data Source
MSSQL Table Change Data Source
Salesforce Change Data Source


Real-Time Event

Extender Real-Time Data Source
Microsoft CRM Real-Time Data Source
Microsoft Dynamics GP Real Time Data Source
MSSQL Real-Time Data Source Real-Time Data Source


Change Data Source Maintenance