Data Sources

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SmartConnect 2017

Data Sources

Some SmartConnect data sources support the use of Global Variables within the data source query. These variables are replaced with the correct values for the required variable at run-time. For data sources using global variables to work correctly there must be a default value either for the global variable, or for the associated map variable.




A user wishes to be able to select a department that an integration should be run for at runtime.


The data source is an ODBC data source, and the query is


select * from Customers where Department = 'GBL_DEPT'


At runtime the value of the map variable will be checked, and GBL_DEPT replaced with the actual value of GBL_DEPT. If no value for GBL_DEPT has been entered against a map variable the default value for the global variable will be used.


Note: as the data source retrieval happens after map pre tasks, a script in the pre task may be used to query the user for the required department code, and the user answer written to a global variable and then used in the query.