Connector Permissions

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SmartConnect 2017

Connector Permissions

The connector permissions tab of the Security window allows administrators to select which connectors users may access within SmartConnect.


To access connector permissions for a user:

1.Log into SmartConnect as an administrative user.
2.Select Security from the Setup tab.
3.Navigate to the Connectors tab.
4.Select the required user from the User drop-down. If security is to be added for a new user the user must be added before settings connector permissions.
5.Select the checkbox(es) beside the required connector(s)
6.If required select the Connector Permissions button to set permissions specific to each connector. Connectors that support specific user permissions are as follows:
a.Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector permissions.
b.Microsoft Dynamics GP connector permissions.
c.Salesforce connector permissions.
7.The select all checkbox will automatically add / remove permissions for all connectors.
8.Select OK to save your changes.


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