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SmartConnect 2017


Nodes are the objects within eConnect that are used to create / update or delete Dynamics GP transactions or reference information. Nodes may be added to allow integration with objects that eConnect does not support, or third party products where data is stored inside the Dynamics GP company or Dynamics databases.


To add a new eConnect node:

1.Open Maintenance >> Node Maintenance.
2.Select the node type that the new node is to be added to, or create a new node type.
3.Right click on the node and select Add New Node to open the Create / Update Node window.
4.Enter the name of the stored procedure that will be used by this node. This procedure must exist in the current company or dynamics database. Fields defined by the selected stored procedure will be imported into the node field list.
5.Enter a display name for the new node. This the name users will see when selecting the node.
6.Amend field types and add list options where required. To add a new field to the field list use the Add Field button.
7.Select Save to record the changes.

Create Update Node