Node Types

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SmartConnect 2017

Node Types

Node types are used to group each node group into further sub-groups. All standard eConnect nodes are automatically categorized within SmartConnect.


To add a new node type:

1.Open Setup >> Node Maintenance >> Legacy Maintenance.
2.Enter the name of the node type in the Technical Name field. This is the name that will be used to identify the node type.
3.If the node is to interact within a company database select the Company radio button. If the integration point is within the Dynamics database (e.g. HR Nodes) select the Dynamics radio button.
4.Enter the display name of the node type. This is the name that will be shown to users.
5.Select the Group for the new node type.
6.Select New Node to add nodes to the new node type. As many nodes as required can be added.
7.To change the order in which nodes appear select the node to be moved, then select the Move Up or Move Down button.
8.To export a node, select the export button and specify an export file name.
9.To import a node, select the import button and select the file to be imported.
10.Select Save to save your node type changes.

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