NAV User Security

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SmartConnect 2017

NAV User Security

System Service User

The System Service User is used to access the Dynamics NAV Web Services and set the default Dynamics NAV company as well as access to any additional companies this user has access to in Dynamics NAV.


Map Run Credentials-

Mark the Use Credential box and fill out the Domain, User Name, and Password fields to always run maps as a specific user.  If left blank, the current logged in user will be used when running a map.  Depending on the map, the user will need to have access to the specific areas in Dynamics NAV.




With the above setup, companies available to the eone user will be available when creating a map.  When running a Dynamics NAV map the TestUser will be used.  If the map is creating new customers the TestUser would need to have the appropriate permission to create customers in Dynamics NAV.