List Options

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SmartConnect 2017

List Options

Node list options within SmartConnect allow a list of selections to be predefined for a node field. This is useful in instances where a node stored procedure required a value that would be unknown by the end user. A label known to the end user can be shown and selected with the related code supplied to the stored procedure in the background.


To add a new node list option:

1.Open Maintenance >> Node Maintenance.
2.Use the lookup to select the node type that should be amended.
3.Select the node to which the list should be added then select Edit Node. The Create / Update Node window will be displayed.
4.Select the field to which the list should be added.
5.Change the Field Type to List, then select the SmartConnect_Node_Add_List button, the Field List Maintenance window will be displayed
6.Enter the options to be displayed in the list as required.
Description - the name that will be displayed to users.
Value - the value that will be passed to the eConnect stored procedure.
Default - check the Default checkbox if this list item should be used as the default selection for this field.
7.Select OK to close the List Maintenance Window
8.Select Save to record your changes.