CRM Excel Template

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SmartConnect 2017

CRM Excel Template

The create Excel Template option allows the creation of an Excel template to create or update Dynamics CRM objects.


To create an excel template for Dynamics CRM:

1.Select the Create Excel Template option on the Maintenance tab of the SmartConnect client.



2.Select the next button.

Template Wizard Welcome


3.Enter the configuration details for the template:
4.Enter a path and filename for the template file to be created.
5.Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the destination
6.Ensure the include details option is selected.
7.Select create a map for this template and enter a map id and description (the map id should not already be created in SmartConnect)
8.Select next to continue.

Template Wizard Configuration


9.Enter the Dynamics CRM selections:
10.Select the required Dynamics CRM entity.
11.Select the key fields for the map. The key fields will be used to uniquely identify a record within CRM.
12.Select next to continue.

Template Wizard CRM


13.Enter the detail field selections:
14.Select the fields that should be entered for the header.
15.Field required by eConnect are shown in red.
16.If a field should always be entered in the Excel template, make the field required by selecting the make required checkbox.
17.If a field can be read from the template header (if include header was selected) select the copy from header checkbox. This will remove the field from the detail area, and default in the entry from the header.
18.Select next to continue.

Template WizardCRM detail Fields


19.Determine detail field order:
20.The order of fields may be changed by dragging fields up or down the displayed list.
21.Select next to continue.

Template Wizard CRM Detail Columns


22.Select finish to create the template.

Template Wizard CRM Summary



Template Wizard GP Excel