Importing Tracking Entities

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SmartConnect 2017

Importing Tracking Entities

The following steps describe how to import and activate tracking for standard entities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You may import only the workflow and custom entities that relate to the entities whose changes are to be tracked. It is not necessary to import and publish all the objects.


1.Download the SmartConnect CRM objects from the eOne Solutions website( Change tracking entities, workflow and documentation ). Extract the .zip file to a folder.
2.Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a System Administrative user.
3.Browse to Settings >> Customization >> Import Customization.
4.Select browse and then select the xml file extracted during step 1. Select Upload.
5.A list of all customizations contained in the xml file will be presented.
6.Highlight all the entities to be imported (do not select workflows in this step). Press the Import Selected Customizations button and confirm the import.
7.Once the import has completed browser to Settings >> Customization >> Customize Entities.
8.Select all the newly imported entities, ( all SmartConnect entities start with SC_ ) then select the Publish button, confirm the publish request.
9.Once the publish has completed browse to Settings >> Customization >> Import Customization.
10.Repeat steps 3 through 6, though this time select the required workflows rather than the entities.
11.Once the workflows have been imported browse to Settings >> Workflows.
12.Select all the newly imported workflows, select Publish, confirm the publish.