Setting up the NAV/365 Financials Connector

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SmartConnect 2016

Setting up the NAV/365 Financials Connector

To Setup the Dynamics NAV / 365 Financials connector:

1.Open setup on the Setup ribbon
2.Double click on the Dynamics NAV/365 Financials Connector. This will open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Financials Connector setup window.
3.Select the Authentication type to be used. Dynamics NAV is for an on premise installation and Dynamics 365 Financials would be the online release.
4.Enter the soap URL where the Dynamics NAV/365 Financials web service is running.
a.Enter the URL in the following format:  http://<server qualified name>/<Instance Name>/WS
5.The System Service section is the user that will be used to connect to the System Services. i.e. the user that will retrieve the available companies and available services for a specific Dynamics NAV/365 Financials Service.
a.The Password for the System Service User can be generated/found by following these steps:
i.Open the Users page by going to Administration - IT Administration - General  or search for the Users page using the Search for Page or Report option.
ii.Select the user to be used as the System Service User.
iii.Expand the Web Service Access section.
iv.The Web Service Access Key will be the password.  If there isn't one generated, click the Change Web Service Key button at the top.
6.The Map Run Credentials is the user that will be used to run the maps and call the web service.  This is only needed when connecting to Dynamics NAV.