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SmartConnect 2016


At its core, SmartConnect is an engine that can take data from any source and create records within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and SmartConnect makes integration and automation simple.


SmartConnect has a drag and drop interface that allows the user to create records within its destination applications from any data source. It has transformed the integration process from a developer experience to an end-user friendly tool set.




Transform: Transformations to save formatting time.
Scheduler: Schedule posts to fit your needs.
DataSource: Pull data from anywhere.
Import/Export: Import and export data to a variety of destinations.
Webservice: Call the SmartConnect webservice from any application.




Perhaps the best feature of SmartConnect is the ease in getting to the data you need. You can read or extract almost any data, from any location every time you need it.


Bulk Data Sources: Manual data sources are set up to look at fixed data locations. Bulk Data sources can be defined to run based on a predefined schedule, within the SmartConnect Scheduler.
Change Data Sources: A change data source will track all data changes since the map last ran successfully. Then, based on your schedule, it will execute a SmartConnect map. The change data source begins tracking additional changes immediately after the map executes.
Real Time Data Sources: Perfect for those that need data moving instantly in real-time between applications. Pushing data out of any Dynamics GP screen or direct from Dynamics CRM to any destination makes sure everyone in the organization is seeing live information.


SmartConnect will connect to data from any of these sources:

Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
SQL Server
Text Tab Delimited
SmartList Builder
SQL Server
Text CSV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV




Salesforce.Com: SmartConnect will integrate into all SalesForce objects.
Microsoft Dynamics GP: SmartConnect leverages eConnect for Dynamics GP to ensure all data is validated before integration. SmartConnect provides integration to all Extender fields as well as any third party tools with custom eConnect nodes. (See Node Builder for integrating into records not supported by eConnect)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM: SmartConnect will write to every entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including all custom entities. SmartConnect uses the CRM web services for connectivity.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV:  SmartConnect is the fastest and most user friendly way to move data into and out of Dynamics NAV. Whether you are migrating from another system to Dynamics NAV, have ongoing integration needs or have multiple systems which you need to keep synchronized – SmartConnect is your easy to use, developer free solution.
XML:  Many integration tools require an XML format for input files. SmartConnect will generate these files from any defined data source. So if you need to pass a file to another application, then SmartConnect is the answer. Run an XML output map once a month, once an hour or every 5 minutes.
Excel: Need to export a file of data to Excel – then SmartConnect is the answer.
Text: Great for producing a text file for import into a legacy system.
SQL Table: If you are comfortable pushing data into a SQL table directly, then this destination is your answer.
SQL Stored Procedure:  If you do not have a specific API or web service, but do have a stored procedure for writing to certain tables – then you can map data to a stored procedure destination.




The most difficult part of an integration can be pulling together all the data fields you need to pass into a map.  SmartConnect makes this process easy via the built-in Query Builder.




Integration is complex by nature. Rarely are you presented with a perfect set of data. SmartConnect understands that during an integration there are many actions you may need to take before any integration begins. SmartConnect makes this process very simple by providing some easy to use tools:

Calculated Fields: Free form .NET coding to let you calculate the values you need from your existing data.
Restrictions: There will be data you do not want integrated. Rather than having to modify your source data, simply use a restriction to exclude it.
Entity Lookups:  Do you know what a GUID is? If not then that is fine. We make sure you never need to find out.
SQL Lookups: Does your data source have a customer name but you need the ID? Use the SQL lookup to do the work for you.
Translation Tables: Why are things always called something different in the destination system? Use the translations table to convert the data on the fly.
Next Number Calculations: SmartConnect knows enough about your destination to go and get the next number for you.
Date Specific Calculations: Dates can be tricky when moving from one environment to another. Use the date calculator to take out the guesswork.