User Requirements

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SmartConnect 2016

User Requirements

When accessing CRM 4 from SmartConnect the credentials of the user connecting to CRM are used to determine access to CRM entities. The web services used to connect to CRM will automatically restrict access to entities based on the user security within CRM. To add or restrict access to CRM entities through SmartConnect, amend the security role attached to the user used to connect to CRM.


In order to deploy CRM real time data sources on the CRM server, the user connecting to CRM must be defined as a deployment admin within CRM.


To define a deployment admin follow the steps below:

1.Log onto the CRM machine
2.Go to Start >> Programs >> Microsoft Dynamics CRM >> Deployment Manager
3.Select deployment administrators in the left  folder list.
4.Add the required user(s) using the New Deployment Administrator option in the right menu.