Define a New CRM Server Destination

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SmartConnect 2016

Define a New CRM Server Destination

If the destination for a CRM map is a different server from the default server a new connection may be added to the map.


To define a new CRM server:

1.Open Map >> Open, or select the Maps Quick Link and double click on the map to be edited.
2.If creating a new map enter the map id, description, data source, key field and CRM destination information.
3.Select the CRM2011_Organization CRM Servers button to open the server window.
4.Enter the name of the CRM server and port. Note: do not enter the http/https part of the path.
5.If a single user is to be used to connect SmartConnect and CRM check the User the following credentials when using CRM checkbox.
a.Enter the username to be used to connect to CRM.
b.Enter the password to be used to connect to CRM.
c.Enter the AD domain of the user to be used to connect to CRM.
d.Enter the authentication type required to connect to CRM.
e.Select the Refresh button to retrieve the list of CRM organizations.
6.Select the organization to be used for this map.
7.Select OK to save the connection details.