Change Data Source

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SmartConnect 2016

Change Data Source

A Dynamics CRM change data source allows the retrieval of only information that has changed inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is achieved by auditing the changes to Dynamics CRM entities using workflows and custom tracking entities. Before using change data sources the change tracking workflows and custom tracking entities must first be imported into CRM and published. For more information on importing tracking entities see here.


When a map, built using a CRM change data source is run, it will automatically mark the tracking rows as processed to make sure that the same row is not processed more than once.


To add an Dynamics CRM change data source to a map:

1.Open Map >> Create.
2.Enter the map id and description if creating a new map
3.Select the data source button on the window toolbar.
4.Select Changes Only as the data source type.
5.Using the lookup select the Organization to be updated.
6.Using the lookup select the CRM Entity to be updated. Note: the change tracking entity for the selected entity must be imported before change data sources can be run.
7.If more than just the base CRM Entity data is required for this map select the Modify button. A query may then be built in Query Builder to include the extra information.
8.Select the Preview button to check the columns that will be returned by this data source.
9.Select Validate to ensure the data source settings are valid.
10.Select OK to save the data source.

CRM Change Data Source Setup