Common SmartConnect Terms

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SmartConnect 2016

Common SmartConnect Terms

Common Term


Data Source

A SmartConnect data source is a connection to a store of data that is used as the source information for a SmartConnect map.

Bulk Data Source

A bulk data source is a data store that contains multiple transactions / records to be processed. Many records may be processed in a single map run.

Change Data Source

A change data source will only process changes in the underlying data store since the map was last run.

Real Time Data Source

A real time data source will trigger processing of a SmartConnect map every time the underlying source data is changed.


A SmartConnect destination is a connection to a store of data that is to be the recipient of records processed by SmartConnect.


When multiple transactions / records are processed during a SmartConnect run, each transaction / record processed and sent to the destination is called  document. e.g. when taking customer accounts from an external source into Microsoft Dynamics GP each customer record integrated would be treated as a single document.


eConnect is a Microsoft Dynamics GP service used by SmartConnect to insert / update / or delete records from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.


A SmartConnect map defines an integration between a data store and a destination.


Each eConnect process that may be called through SmartConnect is called a node. Multiple nodes may be called by a single SmartConnect map.


A task is a process that is to be run separate from the standard map processing, depending on events that occur within the map process.


A generic term for the groupings within a destination data store.

Runnable Map

A runnable map is a map that can be run via the SmartConnect client. The following map data source types are included in a runnable map list:

All maps with a bulk data source type (except for SmartList data sources)
All maps with a change data source type.