New in SmartConnect 2015        

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SmartConnect 2015

New in SmartConnect 2015        


The following enhancements were added in SmartConnect 2015



Enable / disable map tasks
On import users should be asked to confirm map deletion if the map already exists.
End time added to the map scheduling window.
Added option to remove rows that are completely blank from data sources.
Ability to load map templates from the eOne website without requiring file downloads.
Added functionality to pass parameters to a run file task.
Technical and display names now shown for destination fields in the line mapping window.
Added secure global variable functionality.
Added default connection strings to pre and post map scripting.


Generic Connector

Added the ability to select an xsl/xslt file to change the xml file read by the Xml Query data source.
Amended auto column matching to include column names with spaces removed.
Added connection string for MSSQL 2014
Added a default for pipe delimiting in the text file data source.


Microsoft CRM Connector

Added a List Option Lookup column to assist in selecting the correct option from CRM option sets.
Added an Activity Party column.


Microsoft GP Connector

Added ability to manually edit a GP Query data source returned from Query Builder.
Added support for GP 2015 Service Based Architecture.
oService Architecture Setup
oService Architecture Sources
oService Architecture Destinations


SmartConnect WCF Service

Added nicer message for the default WCF web service home url.
Added ability to send and receive JSON.
Added ability to send Global Variable values to a service for use within processing.


Web Client

Added phase 1 of the SmartConnect web client.


Web Service Connector

Exception handling
Using a web service destination result as a data source.


Xero Connector

The Xero connector has been added to SmartConnect.


Excel Add-In

If a column in Excel if formatted as date it should be sent to the web service as a date. Previously a date column had to be text to be sent correctly.


The list of bugs fixed by SmartConnect 2015 can be found here.