The SmartConnect WCF REST Service

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SmartConnect 2014

The SmartConnect WCF REST Service

The SmartConnect WCF REST service provides an enhanced service for connecting to and triggering SmartConnect functions. It enhances or expands the SmartConnect ASP.NET web service in the following areas:

Security enhancements - the ASP.NET service relies on IIS security to determine which clients can connect to the service, and what methods those clients can run. The WCF REST service provides security both within the service, and inside SmartConnect to add to the functions already available within IIS.
Better information - the WCF REST service returns to the client more and better information than the standard ASP.NET service.
More methods - The WCF REST service adds support for the following methods over the ASP.NET service
Sending any Xml file as a data source.
Getting data returned from a map as Xml.
Getting the data from a data source associated with a map.
Getting lists of maps and map columns


The SmartConnect WCF REST service information has been divided into the following topics:

Available Processes
Enumerated Types
Returned Classes