Using the SmartConnect Excel Add-In

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SmartConnect 2014

Using the SmartConnect Excel Add-In

The SmartConnect Excel Add-In allows SmartConnect maps to be called from within Excel, with Excel data passed to the map.


The following steps should be followed when using the SmartConnect Excel Add-In.

1.Open Excel, a SmartConnect Add-In icon should be visible on the menu ribbon Add-Ins tab.


2.Enter the data that is to be uploaded via SmartConnect into Excel.
3.Open SmartConnect and define the map that is to be used to import the data from Excel.
4.Create a new worksheet within Excel called SmartConnectConfig. The SmartConnect Add-In icon can also be selected to automatically create the SmartConnectConfig worksheet.
5.Enter the required parameters on the SmartConnectConfig worksheet
Map ID - the id of the map that will be called via the SmartConnect web service.
Sheet Name - the name of the sheet that should be imported.
Web Service - the location of the SmartConnect web service. Test the web service url in a browser to ensure that the connection path and details are correct.
Key Fields - a list of map columns that are required fields. If there is more than one column separate them with a comma (,). Excel rows where the fields listed here are blank will be removed from the import. Note: this setting is not required.
Xml Output Location - a location where the xml sent to the SmartConnect web service is saved. This is useful when setting up maps for determining exactly what is being sent to the web service. Note: this setting is not required.
6.Data can now be amended within the Excel worksheet, saved, then the Run SmartConnect Map button selected to automatically send the data to SmartConnect for map processing.