New in SmartConnect 2014        

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SmartConnect 2014

New in SmartConnect 2014        

The following enhancements and bug fixes were added in SmartConnect 2014



Tenant mass update by connector.
Implementation of import wizard to replace import functionality.
Hard delete maps that are no longer valid.
Save SmartConnect event log grid to excel.
Support for import of Excel 2013 into translation tables.
Process errors now shows each destination tenant in a tab rather than requiring user lookups.
Ability to disable map pre-tasks for process error runs.
Ability to disable / enable all tasks on a map.
Addition of view logs security to user permissions.
Ability to use global variables in a data source query.
Ability to add comments / notes to a map.
Custom rolling columns may now be shared across maps.
Update of security and user setup and maintenance.
Revision and update of email connections and sending.
Revision of global constant functionality.
Addition of return blank option to MSSQL lookups where no data is returned.
List of all machines that have connected to the SmartConnect database.
Additional columns may now be used within subsequent columns.


Generic Connector

Microsoft SQL server real-time triggers.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Connector

Allow rolling columns to use source fields
Implementation of HR nodes for Extender 2013 integrations.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

Constants and calculation fields available for entity lookups.
Implementation of execute multiple request for large data loads (CRM bulk destination).
Column set column is now pre-populated with required columns for CRM 2011 / 2013
Users can now opt to suppress duplicate detection all destinations in CRM 2011 / 2013.


SalesForce Connector

Constants and calculation fields available for use within entity lookups.


The list of bugs fixed by SmartConnect 2014 can be found here.