Tech Tuesday : Changing the Column Names on an Excel File Destination

  Tuesday, May 23, 2017   /     Patrick Roth   /     0 Comments
In a previous column, I had discussed how we could change the column names of the text output file that SmartConnect had created. … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday : SOP with Header Level Taxes

  Tuesday, May 16, 2017   /     David Youngquist   /     2 Comments
This week’s Tech Tuesday will give an example of how to do a SOP Transaction with header level taxes. The most common scenario we run into is allowing the sales transaction to use the default tax engine inside of GP.  However, the second most common request is how to import a sales transaction… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Extender Filter Lookups on Detail Windows

  Tuesday, April 25, 2017   /     Mark Anderson   /     0 Comments
In a previous Tech Tuesday article, we discussed how to add restrictions to lookups on forms and windows. This article will discuss how to apply this to fields on a detail window or a detail form. This is currently only available in our latest Extender 2016 version (build 16.00.0030 or higher). In… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Removing Unwanted CRM Entities From SmartConnect Mapping

  Tuesday, April 11, 2017   /     Chris Dew   /     0 Comments
I've often seen customers that have begun an integration or migration process to Dynamics CRM and have added entities that they really didn't want as part of that map or maybe are no longer needed as business requirements have changed. In the following article, we will walk through the steps to… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday : Using a Script to Replicate a Folder Data Source

  Wednesday, April 5, 2017   /     Chris Hanson   /     2 Comments
A request that we have seen occasionally from different clients is that they want the flexibility of a folder data source, but the functionality of an ODBC connection when using a flat file as a data source. We’ve written a script that can be applied to any flat file (Excel, text, XML, etc.) which… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Using XSL Transforms in SmartConnect

  Tuesday, March 28, 2017   /     Lorren Zemke   /     0 Comments
While there are a lot of applications that use XML files as a way to describe the data that is being exported out of their system there is no industry standard on the format in which XML documents are created. I have seen some pretty crazy file layouts that make it almost impossible to import using… [Read More]

TechTuesday : Connecting to Spark Pay using the REST Connector

  Tuesday, March 21, 2017   /     Jared Dux   /     0 Comments
This week we are going to take a look at using SmartConnect to integrate to Spark Pay using the REST connector.  SmartConnect can be used to get data from Spark Pay and create or update data in Spark Pay.  This will not go through completely setting up the connector from scratch as there will be… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday : Sorting An Excel Source in SmartConnect

  Wednesday, February 22, 2017   /     admin   /     0 Comments
If you need to sort and group an excel file after it has been imported as a source your options to sort aren't as clear as some of the other options. Below are some examples that explore how sorting an excel input works in the SmartConnect connector. … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Extender Auto Expand Scrolling Window on Open

  Thursday, February 16, 2017   /     Mark Anderson   /     0 Comments
Have you ever created a window or a form within Extender that has detail information in a scrolling grid? Have you ever wished there was an easy way to have that scrolling grid automatically expand? Well, there is. With only 2 lines of code you can automatically expand that grid when the Extender… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: SmartList Builder GoTo to open UPS or FedEx with Tracking Number

  Tuesday, February 7, 2017   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
Do you store UPS or FedEx tracking numbers in GP anywhere?  Have you ever thought it would be nice to have your SmartList drill back to their site and show you the tracking information for that number? … [Read More]


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