Integrate & Automate without Any Code.

SmartConnect Eats Dynamics CRM Integrations for Breakfast

SmartConnect is the one stop tool for all your integration, migration and synchronization needs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So whether you are looking to import simple spreadsheets containing new leads, migrate data from another system or integrate your CRM into your entire enterprise SmartConnect is your answer. There are many different ways of deploying your CRM solution and SmartConnect supports all of them.

Deployment Type Description
On Premise Installed on your computers at your location
CRM Online Hosted by Microsoft and you access it via your browser
Hosted Installed at your hosting providers location
Internet Facing Deployment Opened up to let external users access your system. (Customers or suppliers)

SmartConnect was built 100% for CRM

The SmartConnect Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector was built to work specifically with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The eOne team knows Microsoft CRM forwards and backwards and have done all they can to make your integration projects both simple and powerful.

  • CRM Data Source: SmartConnect has a dedicated CRM that eliminates the need to be a CRM developer when selecting the data to be used within an integration map. The CRM connects multiple CRM web services together and allows you to restrict and control the selected data all via a simple drag and drop visual interface.
  • Entity Lookups: Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the concept of GUID’s as unique identifiers for records. If you do not know what a GUID is then you are in luck – the entity lookup feature of SmartConnect eliminates the need to understand them. If you do understand GUID’s then you will be delighted to learn that you no longer need to battle with them – SmartConnect has GUID’s covered.
  • Translation tables: The data you are given does not always match the way you need to store data within CRM. A simple predefined translation table in SmartConnect will always translate data from your source file into CRM speak.
  • Custom Entities: SmartConnect automatically detects custom entities within your CRM installation. All the fields within your customization are available within SmartConnect for both import and export without any additional set-up or configuration.
  • Templates: Get started with the CRM specific templates.


Make the leap to an integrated CRM solution

It is time to make the leap into an integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Microsoft CRM connector for SmartConnect allows integration into every field and every entity, including all custom entities within CRM.

SmartConnect exposes the CRM web services associated with each entity to the simple drag and drop mapping functionality of SmartConnect. What this means is that you are able to take data from any imaginable data source and create new records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Don’t Make the Synchronization Leap Alone

SmartConnect is the most powerful and flexible way of keeping Microsoft CRM synchronized with your back end system. The ‘out of the box’ templates provide completely flexible two-way, real time integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your ERP system.

Not only is SmartConnect the most flexible, but it will also reduce the time required to configure an integration. Many companies really like the power and simplicity of SmartConnect but are too busy to build their connection points internally. Those companies often call eOne in for training and once they have a full understanding of how SmartConnect works – they then call in eOne to build their first round of integrations knowing that it will be an exercise that takes days and not weeks. The eOne team of integration experts are ready and available to help.


Think and Breathe CRM

SmartConnect is not just the easiest tool for integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your back end ERP. SmartConnect is also the one stop tool for all your data migration and ongoing integration needs. At eOne we do not build a SmartConnect connector unless we are absolute Guru’s in the application – and we know CRM backwards.


Migration the easy way

There is no point in learning multiple integration tools, so you may as well use SmartConnect for all your initial data migration needs. Eliminate the need to export data to Excel, filter it, and then import it into CRM. Point SmartConnect at your current system and pull the data right from there into Microsoft CRM.


SmartConnect can fix your Integration Pain

SmartConnect helps to remove the complexity out of the integration process with CRM. SmartConnect was designed to be used by any slightly clever end user who needs to import data from a text file, an XML, a spreadsheet or pull data from a shared folder to another SQL server or any other application. All of this can be achieved through drag and drop mapping without a single line of code. There are a number of very specific features that have been added to make integration to and from CRM simple:

  • Support for all CRM deployments: On Premise, Online, Hosted or Internet Facing
  • Automatic access to all custom fields and entities in CRM
  • Graphically link Web Services together to build a CRM data source
  • Only user friendly names for all CRM fields and services
  • Entity Lookups – which eliminate the need to understand GUID’s
  • Translation Tables – to pre-map values from your source data to CRM speak
  • Auto Plugin Creation for Real Time maps
  • Schedule your integrations to a time that suites you. That can be after hours at 2 a.m. each morning or it may be every 5 minutes to suit your needs.

Excel Push Integration

The Excel addin for SmartConnect brings a new dimension for CRM users. The Excel addin allows you to push data from Excel to CRM directly from within your spreadsheet. This means that you can enter new or maintain any CRM data in Excel rather than in a browser page. So if you need to create new contacts, accounts, cases, opportunities, orders, competitors or any other entity you can enter that data right into Excel. There is nothing more fun than viewing a spreadsheet of your current opportunities, updating them, and then at the click of a button pushing all that data back to Microsoft CRM.


Is there an Elephant on this page?

Ok let’s get direct to your real question – “Is SmartConnect an alternative or replacement for Scribe?”. The answer is YES for all you Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP and SalesForce migrations, integrations and synchronizations. SmartConnect provides all the functionality in a cost effective and easy to use package. We have had a number of customers make the move away from Scribe and you can read about it in our case studies page.


ERP + CRM: Soulmates 

If your CRM system and your backend ERP are not connected then you do not have a true Customer Relationship System. At best you have a prospecting system. SmartConnect gives you an opportunity to bring your back office and front office together by not only sharing data but also by using data in one system to drive the next action in your business process.


Communication Issues in your Marriage

Two-way, real-time integration between your ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM has never been easier. The SmartConnect integration templates can be installed and be operational from start to finish in less than two days. SmartConnect allows you to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your ERP in both directions. So no matter how you want your front office and back office communicating – SmartConnect will smooth it out.


SmartConnect Reconnects all the Pieces?

The integration between Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM can be triggered in three different ways depending on your business requirements:

  • Real Time Integration: This is when you need data to flow between CRM and GP instantly. When you save a new account in CRM it talks to GP immediately. Or when an order is shipped out of GP you update CRM immediately with the shipping details.
  • Change Tracking: Change tracking watches as an entity in CRM or GP and track everything that changes since the integration map last ran. Then based on your schedule (perhaps every hour) the SmartConnect map is triggered to run and integrate only those new records from one system to another.
  • Bulk: Bulk integrations are used for your initial data movements between systems, such as loading all your existing customers from GP into CRM as accounts. Bulk integrations are run manually and can check that everything in one system matches exactly what is in the other system. Bulk integrations are the foolproof way of making sure everything is synchronized. Lets say your GP SQL server had to be turned off for a day – so the real time integrations from CRM were unable to complete. When the SQL server comes back up you simply run your bulk map which makes sure everything is lined up once again.


Out of the Box Templates

The eOne out of the box templates are made available free to all SmartConnect customers. The templates are based on our very best guess of the most common functions integrated by our customers. That said, we find that the majority of companies we deal with are not ‘out of the box’ and take the templates as a starting point for much larger and more complex integrations.


Jump out of the Box

Mid-market business is by nature unique, complex and rapidly changing. That alone is reason to choose an integration tool that is completely flexible to change as your business changes. The most powerful thing about Microsoft CRM is the ease with which it can be customized to suit your business needs – the whole concept of XRM. The best thing about Dynamics GP is that it can be configured to work in so many different ways. This is why every business needs to customize and expand on the ‘out of the box’ integrations between Dynamics CRM and GP.

Clever Integration

This is for people that think out of the box and want to get the maximum benefit for integrating their CRM and ERP systems. Sure SmartConnect can move data from one spot to another (items, orders, customers – wohooo!). Clever integration is taking data from one location and using it to drive the next step in the business process.


Make your systems dance to your tune

Consider this, the CEO wants to personally thank his existing customers that spent more than 30% more this year than they spent last year with his company. Does that sound like integration? YES. His IT manager built him a SmartConnect map that looked at the % increase in sales for all customers from the data contained in Dynamics GP. For all customers where there was a 30% increase, an activity was created in Dynamics CRM for the CEO to personally call the customer and thank them. This proved so successful that the CEO decided to duplicate the map and take a look at all the customers who were spending 30% less than they did last year. Now a phone call activity was created to call customers to find out why they were spending less. By automating this process and making just two calls per day the CEO kept his existing customers happy and discovered that his opposition was actively targeting and undercutting him on existing customer sales. He could now make changes to combat the changing business environment.

That was not integration, it was simply using SmartConnect to be clever. How can you use business data in one system to drive activity in another?


Is there an elephant on this page?

Lets get straight to the question which may be on the tip of your tongue. I thought Microsoft had a free connector for integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP – because that would make my life so much cheaper? Yes there is a free connector that is great for your very simple integrations – but does not cover what most businesses need to achieve without opening visual studio and writing a whole bunch of code.

We have had many customers come to us after spending thousands of dollars trying to make the ‘free’ solution work for them and wished they had used SmartConnect to begin with. As you know Dynamics GP and Microsoft CRM are highly configurable, and your business is unique – so an ‘out of the box’ integration tool is unlikely to cut it.

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