Even Super Heroes Sometimes Need Help

There is very little chance you can know everything there is to know about all the software and hardware you deal with on a daily basis. Even the brightest and smartest – even super heroes – need to know where to go to get help.


First Stop: Top Shelf Partners

eOne works with a large number of fantastic resellers that already have a great relationship with their customers and know their IT environments well. In that case, there is no better place to receive support and consulting services than directly from your current partner. If you do not have a partner and are looking for a good support partner in your area – we can direct you to some of our very best reselling and support partners.


What can I get for free?

We aim to give all our customers the best possible support experience. We are unable to offer unlimited free support to all of our customers at out current price points and margins. What we do offer as free resources are:

  • The eOne knowledge base
  • The eOne sales and support blog
  • eOne hosted and maintained online product forums
  • Time to investigate and resolve any bug identified in our software
  • eOne manuals and documentation


Piggy back on eOne Direct Support

Often times our customers are seeking direct support from the eOne help desk, for a variety of very good reasons.

At eOne we only employ experts in eOne software, and despite efforts of persuasion they will not work for free. For the same reason we are not able to provide support for our customers for free. We do maintain a dedicated help desk who are available to answer the calls of all our customers and resellers who have a current and active support plan.

The eOne support plan is based on prepaid blocks of support time. Under this plan you have access to both email and phone support direct to our help desk team. This is a team that has direct access to our developers for the really hard questions. Under this plan you will receive a guaranteed 24 hour feedback on your issue, and, on average, we resolve 50% of all issues on the first call and the majority of the remainder within 48 hours. No client is ever asked to pay for a bug that is identified by our team and any time spent investigating or resolving the issue will be credited.


Want to get on board?

If you have your credit card ready you can purchase support in the eOne shop right away. If you would like to read more about the support policy please download here. To discuss options further, please contact eOne support sales by calling (888) 319 – 3663.

Not finding what you need? Check the Support Center for more helpful options.