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Extender Nodes – importing into Extender

When you install SmartConnect you are also installing the prebuilt set of eConnect nodes for all the main Extender objects. This means that you can import data into forms, windows, details forms and details windows all within the same map you import regular GP data. Importing into Extender is as simple as importing into any other Microsoft Dynamics GP field or object. There is no other tool that allows you to import data into the Extender objects.


Turning regular guys into super heroes

The sum of the whole is more than the sum of the parts! When you put SmartConnect to work together with Extender and Microsoft Dynamics GP, you end up with the world’s most flexible and configurable ERP solution on the planet. That is a big claim but we stand by it.

Freedom for those who can’t write code

All consultants are now able to build solutions that they once had to pass over to developers. Combining SmartConnect and Extender with the rest of GP you end up with a toolset that allows you to do all the following tasks without ever speaking to a software developer:

  • Build brand new screens without writing code to capture the data you need to capture
  • Link Multiple new screens together
  • Build new menus for access to the new screens
  • Add all the data captured automatically into SmartList and SmartView
  • Use this new data to create new records, or multiple records anywhere in GP with SmartConnect
  • Use the new screens to create new records in Microsoft CRM or any other application
  • Populate Extender screens when you save, modify or update regular Microsoft Dynamics GP screens
  • Build your own enquiry screens
  • Import data into your new screens

. . . all of that without even speaking to a programmer.

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